Synchronized Supply Chemical Containment Device

The next evolution of fume hood technology for unmatched safety and energy efficiency

Synchronized Supply Chemical Containment Device

Synchronized Supply Chemical Containment Device

The Vanguard Supply Controlled Chemical Containment Device, with its breakthrough synchronised supply and patented laminar air-curtain technology is an intelligent and largely independent system that regulates its own supply based on actual exhaust volumes. This fume cabinet thereby significantly minimizes the dependence in the room HVAC system and reduces the need for supply air from the room.

By regulating its own supply and exhaust, Vanguard is capable of maintaining a stable differential pressure within the hood, thereby minimizing the risk of loss of containment and creating a safer system. In addition to this significant safety advantage, Vanguard also helps to greatly simplify room controlling and balancing and can reduce room HVAC energy consumption by up to 80% compared to existing fume cupboard technology for unmatched operating efficiency.

Why Vanguard?

Existing fume hood technology focuses on face velocity as the main indicator for laboratory fume hood performance and safety, but this approach is antiquated, wastes too much HVAC energy, and is also unsafe when the negative pressure zone created by the sash opening is disrupted by movement or user obstruction. In lieu of face velocity, the Vanguard’s patented laminar air-curtain technology focuses on creating an ideal laminar push-pull airflow movement structure: Supply air is introduced into the hood in pure laminar form through the patented trisupply outlets and flows through the hood chamber in laminar fashion, with the majority captured and exhausted from behind the baffle, the ideal airflow structure for superior containment safety.

The Supply System is self-regulating based on actual exhaust volumes. As the Vanguard’s exhaust volume changes with Sash Height, the Supply Volume in the ductless fume hood is also changed and controlled through a microprocessor computer. Due to the Vanguard’s laminar air-curtain technology, the total exhaust air volume is lowered by 40% when compared to conventional chemical fume hoods. The Vanguard system takes only about 30% of its exhaust requirements from the room itself, thereby reducing the load on Room HVAC systems by up to 70%. This translates in a reduction in operating costs of Lab HVAC systems by an equivalent amount.

The Vanguard’s top and bottom supply air outlets forms an effective air-curtain, protecting the user’s breathing-zone as well as nullifying the effects of cross-drafts and vortexes generated by people or objects standing in front of the sash opening. Situations or actions that would create containment risk with existing benchtop fume hoods, such as operators standing in front of the hood, or movement in front of the hood, are completely non-existent with the Vanguard as they have a minimal impact with the laminar air-curtain technology.

Synchronized Supply Chemical Containment Device – Inner Design

Synchronized Supply Chemical Containment Device – Illustration

Advantages & Characteristics:

  • World’s first synchronised supply hood, which creates an intelligent and largely independent containment system.
  • Patented laminar air-curtain technology with active push-pull system.
  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional hoods.
  • Automation features maximize safety, energy-efficiency, and ease of use.
  • Modular design ensures structural simplicity and uniformity.

Vanguard E- FLOW VAV System

To facilitate a quantum leap in fume hood technology and performance, the Vanguard Synchronised Supply Chemical Containment Device use the proprietary E-FLOW VAV system.
The E-FLOW VAV System addresses includes the following features:

  • Real time display of actual Exhaust and Supply Volumes in CFM/CMH
  • Unique dampers with anemometers for real time flow measurement
  • Response Time of less than 2.5 seconds (third party tested)
  • Integrated control for light and auto sash
  • Self-Calibrating VAV System for ease of maintenance
  • All engineering settings accessible from the display monitor
  • MODBUS/BACnet communications support