User Training and Testing

Fume Hood Testing

With comprehensive trainings and workshops of GD, ensure that you are protected against the hazardous chemicals in the laboratory!

Fume hoods are the first line of defence against hazardous chemical contaminants for occupants in a laboratory. They are designed to capture, contain, dilute and exhaust contaminants at the source. However, hoods are part of a complex system and often don’t work as designed. This is a major health and safety hazard for lab users and the long term health implications are quite severe.

Vanguard fume hood testing services by GD focuses on a comprehensive assessment of your lab ventilation system. We not only perform On-Site, As Used ASHRAE 110 Testing for your fume hoods but also check the entire lab HVAC system to ensure optimal functionality.
Vanguard Testing is more than a routine AMC. Given our understanding of and experience with Exposure Control Devices and Lab Ventilation Systems, we can thoroughly analyze your existing systems and vav fume hoods to determine if they are working as expected. Based on our assessment, we prepare a comprehensive system report and then provide the service and maintenance solutions that will deliver the most value and help ensure that your systems are functioning.


However, even the best designed system and ECDs won’t work if they are not used properly. With that in mind, we also conduct training workshops for lab personnel, EHS and Maintenance Departments. The training module focuses on safe fume hood operation, potential fume hood and lab ventilation problems, HVAC system problems, Ashrae 110 fume hood testing and maximizing operating efficiency.

Services Offered

  • On Site ASHRAE 110 Testing for Fume Hoods
  • Complete assessment of Lab Ventilation Systems including Exposure Control Devices and lab HVAC systems
  • AMS services for all fume hoods and lab ventilation systems
  • Periodic training of users on the various elements of the lab ventilation system
  • Fume Hood operating training including safe working practices
  • Training for EHS, Maintenance and Engineering Departments