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How to Enhance your Laboratory Efficiency by Using Fume Hoods

Did you know? A laboratory fume hood uses as much energy as compared to 3 average households in a year. More than 50% of laboratory energy bills come from HVAC systems which comprise of fume hoods. Hence, it’s important for laboratories to use upgraded and high performance fume hoods for cost savings and to develop a sustainable environment. Through this article, you’ll understand about efficient energy used in fume hoods....

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The Essentials of Fume Hood

A Fume Hood is a type of Chemical Containment Device, which is a box-like structure enclosing a source of potential air contamination, with one open or partially open side, into which air is moved for to contain and exhaust air contaminants. A laboratory hood is generally used for bench-scale laboratory operations but does not necessarily involve the use of a bench or table. A fume hood is supposed to carry....

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