Strengthening The Culture of Laboratory Safety

Something that every researcher/lab owner must imbibe in their laboratory The safety of the people shall be the highest law – Marcus Tullius Cicero With the advancements made in science and technology, chemistry has helped to enhance our apprehension of the physical and biological aspects of everything in the world. We have also mastered the art of manipulating it through synthetic or natural chemical processing. And in the process, we....

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Lab Ventilation and Fume Hood Safety

Everything you Need to Know About Lab Ventilation and Fume Hood Safety

Strong safety culture is necessary wherein the highest priority is given to best practices and employee safety. The air inside the laboratory is considered to be harmful to your employees' health and equipment. The chemicals released in the form of hazardous fumes, vapors, and radioactive materials can deteriorate the health of the lab workers. Lab ventilation systems are essential in creating a safe working environment. Controlling the ventilation and air....

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