Don't Accept Energy Saving At The Cost Of Your Safety


Most labs today have an undeniable smell of chemicals, indicating a problem with the Lab Ventilation System. Constantly breathing in such chemicals has devastating long-term health implications.

Prolonged low level exposure to such chemicals can cause lung and liver damage, weakening of the immune system, reproductive problems, birth defects and even cancer.

Studies have indicated that working in a chemical environment for extended periods can reduce lifespan by up to 10 years!! Are you at risk due to an unsafe lab?

If yes, then there is nothing more important than a man’s life. Rely on GD, your professional fume hood manufacturer and safeguard the lives of your workers.

Operating Cost

Over 60% of lab operating costs can be attributed to HVAC Systems. Fume Hoods contribute around 60% to the HVAC Costs of a lab. Hence, almost 30% of building operating costs can be attributed to fume hoods.

In the likely event of a loss of containment from Exposure Control Devices like Fume Hoods, chemicals escape out into the lab. To address this, we have a higher Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) rate. ACH is the single biggest driver of energy costs in a building and Fume Hoods directly impact this. Given that fume hoods contribute so heavily to operating costs, are you spending money on systems that aren’t as safe as expected?

Now, the time is high and relevant to introduce safe fume hoods in your laboratory. Call us, your reliable fume cupboard manufacturers!

GD is a professional and bespoke fume hood supplier in India.

Do Your Labs Deliver the Required Safety While Maintaining Low Operational Costs?